Selected Biography

2015—Nancy Fairfax Studio Residency, The Tweed Regional Art Gallery and Magaret Olley Art Centre, Murwillumbah, NSW

2013—Cooma Residency, NSW

2007—Travels to New York, London and Dubrovnik

2006—Arthur Boyd Studio Residency, Bundanon, New South Wales

2004—Hill End Studio Residency (Murray's Cottage), New South Wales

1997—Commenced Teaching, Painting & Drawing at Waverley School of Arts, Sydney

1993—Returned to Australia and currently living and working in Sydney

1992—A 3-month residency in Malta

1989 - 93—Lived and worked in Paris

1988 - 89—Travelled extensively throughout Europe and the United States

1984—Travelled throughout Australia

1965—Born Sydney, Australia

Academic Qualifications

1985—Awarded: Higher Art Certificate, Honours Grade, National Art School, Sydney

1983-1984—Awarded: Art Certificate, National Art School, Sydney


Rex-Livingston Art Dealer
Sydney, Australia


2014—'Belle Art Prize', Chapman and Baily Art Gallery, Melbourne (finalist)

2014—'Norvill Art Prize', RSL Hall, Murrundi, NSW(finalist)

2013—'Gallipoli Art Prize’ ', Gallipoli Club, Sydney (finalist)

2011—'Paddington Art Prize', Menzies Art Brands Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

2011—'Gold Coast City Art Prize', Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queensland (finalist)

2009—'Gosford Art Prize', Gosford Regional Art Gallery, New South Wales (finalist)

2006—'Arthur Boyd Studio Residency', Bundanoon, New South Wales

2006—'Mosman Art Prize', Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

2006—'Art on The Rocks', The Rocks, Sydney (finalist)

2004—'Hill End Studio Residency (Murray's Cottage)', New South Wales

2003—'The Blake Prize', Sir Herman Black Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

1993—'Fishers Ghost Prize', City Art Gallery, Campbelltown, Sydney (finalist)

1988—'Faber Castell Drawing Prize', Showgound Conference Centre, Sydney (finalist)

1987—'NSW Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition', Blaxland Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

1987—'Sydney Morning Herald Art Prize', Blaxland Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

1986—'NSW Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition', Blaxland Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

1986—'Sydney Morning Herald Art Prize', Blaxland Gallery, Sydney (finalist)

Individual Exhibitions

2011—'Journey', paintings: Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2007—'Earth and Water', paintings; Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2006—'Bundanon', paintings: Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2005—'Into the Light', paintings; Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2002—'Stepping Out', paintings: Beatty Gallery, Sydney

2001—'Roll out the Barrel', paintings: Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1999—'Infinity', paintings: Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1999—'Cycle of Life', paintings: Stripp Gallery, Melbourne

1998—'Beyond the Horizon', paintings: Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1998—'Essence and Metaphor', drawing installation: 151 Regent Street Gallery, Sydney

1998—'Essence and Metaphor', drawing installation: Stripp Gallery, Melbourne

1997—'Elements of the Heart', paintings: Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1996—'Divination' paintings, Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1995—'Tempest' paintings, Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1994—'Spiritual transcendencies', paintings: Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1993—'Paintings & Drawings': Espace LeRenoir, Paris

1992—'Recent work', paintings & drawings: L'Entrepot, Paris

1992—'Inferno' paintings: Adzak Museum, Paris

1990—'Paintings', Cannibal Pierce Gallery, Saint-Denis, Paris

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015—'‘Art and Culture Through The Public Eyes’, Korean Culture Centre, Sydney

2014—'Small Paintings', Lane Cove Gallery, Sydney

2013—'Gallipoli Art Prize', Gallipoli Club, Sydney

2013—'Under a Grand II', Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2012—'Tutors Exhibition', Lane Cove Gallery, Sydney

2012—'Under a Grand', Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2011—'Shelf Life', Delmar Gallery, Sydney

2011—'Drawing Connections', Siena Art Institute, Italy

2011—'Together in Harmony', Korean Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea

2011—'Awake', Bom Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010—'The Directors Choice', Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2009—'Off the Wall and On The Shelf', Delmar Gallery, Sydney

2008—'Works on Paper', Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2008—'Another Roadside Attraction', Delmar Gallery Sydney

2007—'International Art,Sydney 07', Kara Gallery, Sydney

2006—'Summer Exhibition', Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2005—'5 Very Different Painters', Rex- Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney

2005—'Art Sydney 05' Royal Hall Sydney

2004—'Spectrum', Parliiament House, Sydney

2004—'Infusion', Cell Block Gallery, Sydney

2003—'10 Paintings', Beatty Gallery, Sydney

2003—'Terrain', Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, New South Wales

2003—'Packsaddle', New England Regional Art Museum, New South Wales

2002—'Generation', Beatty Gallery

2001—'Packsaddle', New England Regional Art Museum, New South Wales

2001—'Creative Madness', Volvo Gallery, Sydney

2000—'Olympic Exhibition', Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1999—'On the Tiles', Sir Hermann Black Gallery, Sydney

1999—Waverley Woollahra Arts Centre, Tutors' Exhibition, Bondi Pavillion, Sydney

1997—'Flipper', Arthaus Gallery, Newtown, Sydney

1997—'No Holds Barred II', Stripp Gallery, Melbourne

1997—'Summer Exhibition', Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1996—'Summer Exhibition', Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1996—'If I had a Manifesto', 3-man show, 235 Nelson Street, Annandale, Sydney

1996—'The Element of Surprise', Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1994—'Summer Exhibition', Beatty Gallery, Sydney

1993—'Porteouverte', Artchange, Fontenay sous bois, France

1992—'Paintings & sculpture', Gallery 100, St. Julians, Malta

1992—'Hommage a Jim Morrison', La Forge, Paris

1992—'Paintings', Camden Gallery, London

1992—'Les continents exposent', La Forge, Paris

1991—'Pensee -Art', Cannibal Pierce Gallery, Paris

1991—'Recontres Internationales des Arts', Saint-Exupery Gallery, Le Port-Marly, France

1990—'Paintings', Adzak Museum, Paris

1990—'Autoportraits', works on paper, Cannibal Pierce Gallery, Paris

1990—'Peinture's Internationales' Siminoff Gallery, Epinay-sur-Seine, France

1989—'Visual Instincts', Australian Drawing Retrospective, Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney

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Siena Art Institute, Italy

Sydney University Union

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